Sunday, January 18, 2015


Awake and alone in a room subdued by grey inscriptions. 
Darkness enslaved light and the air was cold, cold like dead.
                  Red trail crawled and tangled around; 
dreadful sense of losing all the hope creped in. 
Eyes gazed in fear and the pain of losing hope began to make my soul numb. 
Hanging on the past a sense of hope could just help me,
 But the memories won't en live in this cold,
I closed my eyes.

Light of colorlessness, 
My eyes burned to see the whiteness all around...
Images of lust and betrayal had entangled my vision.

They were violently drinking and imbibing the pleasure like the beast. 
Sex had taken them closer to their real self. 
The beast in them was unleashed, 
and they took the dagger out and struck at each other.

Blood rained and in the rain, the unborn was playing. 
Flowers bloomed in the rain. It was all white in the red rain.
Red my eyes were, lost in hope and fear; 
As the images began to hang  like a sword on my corpse...

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