Sunday, February 7, 2021

Ground Floor

In the whirl of darkness, 

there is a spark of light that guides you...

In the twirling storm of despair, 

there is a gentle tide,

That guides you to shore…

In the broken days,

There is a kindness that uplifts your spirit…

In the shadow of a loss,

There is a healing touch to hold your soul…

In the chaos of war,

There is a road to peace…

In the vacuum of the solitude,

There is a whisper that talks to your soul…

In the wildest nightmare,

There is a chime that rescues you…


In the web of betrayal,

There is a resolve of trust…

In the wall of division,

There is a road to unity…

In the murkiness of lies,

There is a revelation of truth…

In the sea of sadness,

There is a pebble of joy…


In the grains of noise,

There is a mirror of clarity…

In the sea of greed,

There is a pail of generosity…

In the land of strangers,

There is a friend to be found…

In the pile of rumbles,

There is a spark of creation…

In the torrent of ignorance,

There is a shine of knowledge…

In the floor of heights,

There is a ground to be touched…


Saturday, July 11, 2020


She was a decoy meant to infiltrate,
She was a spy meant to steal memories,
She was a tool to hack the mind,
She was the snare for a wandering soul…

She was pretending to be lost,
She was pretending to be in despair,
She was pretending to be in need,
She needed a reason to convince,
That she was lost and broken,
For the plan to succeed…

The team was set and the plan was laid out,
The characters were assigned and the props set,
The mission of a lifetime, a journey of reckoning…

Like a fallen angel from the sky,
With the wings clipped,
She was waiting for the path to be intersected…

The drifter crossed path with the decoy,
The story was unraveling as the plan unfolded…

Her mind was barren and was waiting for spring,
The past had haunted like a wild nightmare,
Pretending to be helpless, pretending to be afraid,
She was in need of a savior who stood by her…

The words were weaving a web of stories,
Carefully planted, diligently planned,
The cast was playing the part to build the drama,
To pierce the heart of the wandering soul…

But the wandering soul was lost in the words,
Trying to find the meaning in the meaningless,
Trying to find the truth in the fake images,
Trying to find love in the lost memories,
Trying to find the truth in the solemn moments…

She dragged him down slowly to the present,
To hack deep into his soul and complete her mission…

As she weaved the web of words,
The words were building a whole new world,
The walls were painted in love, and the floor laid in trust,
The ceiling was built to hide the light from the day,
The windows were closed to seal the flaws…

The wanderer stepped into the palace,
As the carpet was laid for the prey…

But deep inside, he knew that it was fake,
The world he knew, never could lie,
The love he felt, never could betray,
The dreams he dreamt, never could foes,
It’s the reflection of truth, his soul had seen,
Deep beyond the mirage of time and space,
The love that traveled beyond the pace,
She looked back into her soul,
And he could see the light beyond,
The love in the eyes far beyond,
The truth reflecting back into his soul…

It was the moment that froze with the time,
The decoy was as hollow as an empty vessel,
Through the vessel, he saw the truth,
Through the vessel, he saw real love…

She looked back into his eyes,
But all she could find was the reflection of her soul…


A Silent Commotion Of A Jaded Mind 

Monday, December 30, 2019


Her heart is broken,
She is walking on the broken pieces,
Her feet are bleeding,
Those razor-sharp pieces,
Cutting her deep, pulling her down,
The thrones on the path,
The pricking of the past…

The howling sheep's,
The soulless wolves,
Waiting to pounce for every step she falls,
Waiting for her to bleed out the soul...

The social cage is wide open,
The social predators are plotting the plan,
The barbed wires of rusted culture,
The painted fence of bloody heritage,
The noose of laws bent in greed,
Yet she is fighting against the time...

Every drop of blood she spills,
Every drop of tear she pours,
Every step of hope she takes,
Every breath of life she gives,
Every lullaby of knowledge she shares,
Every whisper of truth she spreads,
Every righteous stand of conviction she takes,
Is a path towards humanity in an inhumane world…

She is a warrior fighting this lonely battle,
She is a warrior fighting for justice,
She is a warrior fighting for identity,
She is a warrior fighting for survival,
She is a warrior fighting for silenced,
She is a warrior fighting for the dead,  
In an age of darkness, she is the light that wipes the shallowness…

The year is 2019,
The chapters of tyranny written in blood,
The scarred faces and charred body,
The loud voices and silenced innocence,
The ravaging cold savages, Unleashed in the dark black night,
Hiding in the veil of ignorance, laying in the shadow of damned rituals,
She is a burning star that will rewrite the times,
She is a rising tide that will sink the blinded mob,
Rewriting the wrongs from the past,
Rewriting the history with the present,
A new year will be written with her glory and valor…

Saturday, November 16, 2019


The sky will part for the stars above,
The comets will fire the latent souls,
The sun will burn again with fervor,
And the moon will glow in the afterglow…

The time has been winding in the trance of space,
The lost souls treading along the trail of love,
The mirage of memories glimmering in a barren land,
Sieving in the bloom of lost love…

Traveling alone in parallel paths of oblivion,
Searching for meaning in the meaningless pauses,
Intersected by flashes of hope in the silent nightmares,
Haunted by shadow of the past but still holding the hope inside us…

Marred by thrones of leftovers from the trails behind,
Burnt by the flames of shards from the path ahead,
Blinded by the smog of needs from the breath of survival,
We follow a path of the shooting star leading us to horizon…

Bleeding inside, we will light the path ahead,
Searching beyond the momentary delusions,
Breaking the fragile castle of living dead,
We will unite in the waves of blue,
Floating in the glory of the sinking sun,
Lighting the flames of love in the shining stars,
Reflecting the truth in a glowing moon,
We shine forever in the realms of time beyond...

Thursday, October 3, 2019


You’re the light that thralls the dark,
You’re the beacon that guides the lost,
You’re the path that leads to light,
You’re the hope that lights the lives...

You’re the smile that dissolves the pain,
You’re the music that breaks the silence,
You’re the magic that fills the heart...

You’re the truth that breaks the lies,
You’re the spring that follows summer,
You’re the humanity that holds the helpless,
You’re the star that lights the day...

You’re the time that heals the past,
You’re the paint that paints the blank,
You’re the dream that unites the souls,
You’re the sky that floats with the dreams...

You’re the vision that leads to future,
You’re the knowing that wipes the ignorance,
You’re the joy that washes away the sorrow,
You’re the meaning that delves in meaningless...

You’re the answer that lies in the conscience,
You’re the brave that empowers the fallen,
You’re the dot that connects the infinity,
You’re the bloom that flowers in the desert,
You’re the time that binds the space...

You’re the fire that warms the coldness,
You’re the lullaby that comforts the lonely,
You’re the healer that heals the broken,
You’re the lover that wipes the hatred,
You’re the friend that saves the fall,
You’re the beat that drives the heart,
You’re the memories that frame the moments...

You’re the virtue that phases out the vice,

You’re the warmth that melts the wall of the divide,
You’re the reflection that reflects the innocence,
You’re the absolution that frees the sinners,
You’re the beauty that reflects in the soulless,
You’re the colour that glows in the pale shadows…

You’re the key that unchains the slaves,
You’re the dew that wets the barren hearts,
You’re the sprout that unwinds life,
You’re the silent hymn that calms the noise...

You’re the thoughts that fill the emptiness,
You’re the compassion that melts the heartless,
You’re the peace that decimates the war,
You’re the reality that breaks into illusion,
You’re the beginning that stops the ending...

You’re the Me that was lost in the time and space,
Waiting to reunite,
 When the time freezes,
 And the space parts in the moment,
Seeping into the soul,
 Holding the light of tomorrow and beyond…

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


We are the messengers,
We are the mediators,
We are the healers,
We are the make believers,
We are the magicians of illusion,
We are the veil that blurs your vision,
We are the noise that shields you from the truth,
We are the fire that engulfs your love,
We are the wall that divides you from your own,
We are the chain that slaves your soul…

We don’t care if you are poor,
We do care if you are rich,
We don’t care if you are in pain or joy,
We do care if you are powerful,
We don’t care if you are a pauper,
We do care if you are a criminal,
We don’t care if you are in death bed,
We do care if your wallets are full...

Religion is our fodder,
Fear is our weapon,
Violence is our tool,
Hatred is our harvest,
Poverty is our opportunity,
Ignorance is our ally,
Politics is our strategy,
Reasoning is our nemesis,
War is our business,
Peace is our loss,
Division is our gain,
Unity is our enemy,
More you fight, more we flourish,
Dwelling inside frightened mob,
Feasting with blind society, 
We spread and consume with every passing time,
We are the parasites that feed on your souls,
Until you find the path of love and humanity… 

Monday, February 18, 2019


There was a time when love was real,
And the sky was painted in love,
And the green sprouted new dreams,
And the hope of togetherness reflected in the rainbow,
And tears were filled with pure emotions,
And eyes could see the sublime soul,
The time when hearts were united in a cradle of love...

That was the time when spirits were invincible,
And heart floated in the intoxicated trance,
Fear was chained and freedom paved new horizon,
Every narrow lane opened to a wider space,
Every fall was a led to new heights,
Every stop was signaling for a new start,
The time which was like a lifetime,
Snapped in the middle of a new beginning...

Time is  now far behind, and far away,
The thorn of reality that burst the bubble,
The storm that washed away the canvas blank,
The memories that turned into nightmares of the present,
The mirrors reflected the broken images of emptiness,
The wall that had risen to shield the heart,
The ceiling was covered by the opaque sheets of reality,
Breaking and broken with every moment that time swipes,
Nothing could penetrate the concrete walls of disposition...

Every attachment is a step towards detachment,
Every drop of love is wiped by the blades of hurt,
Intoxicated in the company of solitude,
The time has changed, and the noises are less deafening,
Swaying with the life that ticks with time,
Every beat that swings between life and love... 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Happiness is the rain that wets your soul,
The clouds that wander in bliss,
The sky that holds your dreams,
The thunder that mutes the lies,
The light that sees you through...

The earth that grounds your life,
The fire that flames the truth,
The bloom that sprouts new hope,
The stream that washes the pain...

The rays that shine in darkness,
The wind that calms the unrest,
The dew that drops into hope,
The night that holds the shine,
The day that springs new life,
Happiness is in the love that holds our soul together...

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Silent Symphony

We have never met, 
But we feel connected, 
The miles separate us,
But the soul connects us...

In the lonely dawn, 
In the jarring traffic, 
In the mindless rush, 
In the soulless race, 
The pale faces, 
Lost glances, 
The silent sighs, 
The empty words, 
Makes you feel hollow, 
The warmth of invisible company seeps in... 

The monotonous monologue, 
The shadow of uncertainty, 
The sharpened claws of fear,
The blurring veil of future, 
Disappears in the sublime bliss... 

The dark clouds, 
The dragging thoughts, 
Creeping in to consume, 
Breaking down inside, 
Couldn't extinguish the spirit inside us... 

The light and night, 
The heights and vacuum, 
The shade and shadows, 
Every swipe of time, 
Connected by strings in our heart, 
Weaving together a beautiful symphony... 

Lighting the love inside, 
Our souls followed the trail, 
Rising towards a new horizon... 

Away from the narrow space,
Into the wide canvas of the sky, 
With the palette of sea and tides, 
Holding our souls together, 
We paint a beautiful tale of love and beyond…

We are flying above the gravity of barriers,
Leaving behind the vacuum of needs, 
Together we are burning with the stars,
To shine the flame of eternal love…

Monday, June 11, 2018


The shining light and drops of rain,
Reflecting the memories,
Unwinding with the time and space,
Revealing the truth inside, 
Unrazed by lies outside, 
The moment slowly unfolded,
With the symphony of rain and your trembling voice,
In solemn with the beating hearts... 

The lashes of lightning and your shining eyes,
The silent whispers and the rhythm of rain, 
Weaving a timeless symphony,
Igniting the passion of moment... 

The grey clouds fading in your innocence, 
The loudness of thunder silenced by your embrace, 
The coldness of wind touched by your warmth,
The sliding sand held by your grounded feet... 

The hiding moon and your anxious glances, 
Falling leaves and your trembling hands, 
The droplets of love bringing us closer, 
Slowly wiping away the fear inside... 
And the lost stars lighting our soul... 

The drops of love binding us together,
Sailing with the tide of harmony,
Embraced by the eternal nature, 
Blessed by the sands of time, 
A moment was born, 
Beyond time and space, 
To live forever... 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Heartbreak Town

Welcome to the heartbreak town,
Leave your loving heart behind,
Leave your humane soul behind,
This is the heartbreak town,
Only the soulless survive…

Swipe the gold card and enter the glam,
Don’t get dazzled by the shinning stream,
Flow with the stream of trance,
As the tide will take you into the oblivion,
Where time is a constant spectator…

Faces are to deceive and masks to hide,
Truth is a mirage and the lies are real,
The smiles are fake and greed is the motive,
Trust is blasphemous in the town so gloomy…

No strings and no commitment,
Break and be broken,
Cheat and get cheated,
Rob and get robbed,
Traps are laid for the weak to fall,
The strong will prey upon the fallen…

Plan your moves, play with the tune,
Chain your mind and silence your thoughts,
The shining light and intoxicating fumes,
It will hide you from the pain of truth…

Shrewd will set the path ahead,
Schemers will set the rules for the town,
The weight of cash will rule the moves,
The rule of the town is to play the dice,
The law of the town is to slay the weak…

Love is an illusion in this town,
Only the naïve could fall into the abyss,
Where the fallen are left to wander alone…

But in the blinded town,
There were two souls,
Unique and fearless,
Apart from the madding crowd,
Thinking beyond the hollow lanes,
Dreaming for a whole a new world…

Wandering in the chaos of greed,
Sickened by the lies and loss,
They met on the corner of a darkened street…

Their sparkling eyes illuminated the corner,
Reflecting the love and truth inside,
Slowly holding their hands together,
Kissing the pain last good bye,
They vowed to leave the town behind…

In a search for a new town,
In search for a new horizon,
In search for a new life,
Where love was unchained and hearts set free,
They took the path of love and redemption…

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Green

In the middle of grey iron jungle,
Stood a tree, tall and high.
Embracing the sky and holding the earth,
It was standing tall against the time.

Now the air, so dense and dark,
Lives turned, grey and shallow,
Sun and moon covered in soot,
As the glimmer of green witnessed the sham.

In the glory of past,
When the sky was blue and water pure,
The green was life and earth vital,
The air was spirited and the wind was brave,
The tree had shaded the dreams of thousands …

Now the green was sinking into the present,
As the past traveled, far and fast…

The falling leaves are slowly withering in memories,
The shivering trunks waved at the sky for one last time,
As the feet was uprooted by the time and space … 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Dream

It all started with a dream,
Two unknown souls sharing one dream,
Uniting them in the moment of life,
The sand of time was flowing into them…

The stars and moon lighting their soul,
The streaks of light spreading the colors of love,
Elevating them higher into the space of truth,
Guided by the spirit of the universe,
Embraced by the warmth of innocence,
The dream weaved the tale of a lifetime…

Away from the long shadows of their past,
Leaving behind the path of gloom,
Beyond the narrow lanes of hatred,
Far from the darkened streets of pain,
A path to happiness was being paved in…

Glowing with the radiance inside,
Holding onto selfless trust and hope,
They were flowing into themselves,
United in a dream called love…

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


AL: “The times are pretty much changing…”

IEN: “Yep, it is. It has become more complicated when it ought to have been happy and simple”

AL: “Technology was meant to bridge the distance between people, but sadly they have built the wall higher than ever.”

IEN: “Hmm…but it isn’t fair to blame the tech, its people who are not up to it or evolved enough to use it wisely…”

AL: “I agree, I mean how, many people have a serious conversation on life, its beauty or just enjoy a beautiful dawn. If at all they indulge in, it’s a momentary slip from a plugged life.”

“The novelty of a true relationship is drowning. If a mother wants to know what’s going on with her kids, she must check his or her social media status and funny thing is when you call it social media, don’t you think it’s quite ironic?”

IEN: “Yes, worth a thought. But then think about the other side of the coin. With a click you could connect with your loved ones, virtually join them in joy and pain. Comfort them, adore them…”

AL: “Or curse them…”

“Yes, that’s the positive side of it, but then don’t you think people who are less sensible tend to use it as a means to spread hatred and violence. Waste precious moments in life to seep in the seeds of division and war. Spreading misinformation and creating chaos…”

IEN: “Well, that’s the sad part of being human. They are programmed to be unstable and chaotic.”

Both AL and IEN nodded in affirmative… 

Friday, August 19, 2016


In a rainy evening with the company of million tiny drops,
The canvas of life slowly stroked the memories…

Holding her hand in the drizzle, castle of dreams were raised.
Promises for a lifetime and beyond etched inside.
The tiny drops of love brushing her eyebrows and slowly dripping onto her lips.

Steps taken together, leaving behind all the trails of grey,
Breathing in the warmth of ecstasy,
Words dissolving in the passion of the moment,
Sky embracing the solemn strings of togetherness,
The beat of love was raised inside as their soul united…

The drops were sunk with the malt in his glass,
Waving the glass to the sky, he sipped slowly in the drip…

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Everyone needs somebody,

In the highs and low,

In the dreams and reality,

In the pain and joy,

In the sweat and sweet,

In the warmth and cold,

In the fight and peace,

In the anger and calmness,

In the hope and lessens,

In the doubt and solutions,

In the ride and stay,

In the wide and narrow,

In the grey and white,

In the glory and censure,

In the loss and win,

In the whims and whispers,

In this counted life,

Loving for that somebody,

Living for that somebody,

And dying for that somebody…